Super sweet! Wear a dress that the actress who bow

For girls born with a complex bow, bow wind make sweet and gentle, pleasant images together, so many women in the red carpet when the bow is also decorated with a selection of evening dresses, sexy flatter than Mei shape, large walk the same pure line of the popular actress!


Red shoulder evening dress skirt is short and irregular shape of the chest a large bow highlights the romantic temperament, fullness in the chest in the bow foil under the more full of charm.
Paris Hilton

Are covered in shiny silver, a large tilting flower bow embellishment at the waist, the crown from the head to the hands of bracelets, each piece of jewelry in her vividly illustrate the ladies princess style.

Eva Longoria

Innocent white evening dress always has a magic, attracting naive girl obsession. Combined with decorative bow shoulder, leaving a beautiful girl who can not resist the temptation of clothing, in the end when the party season, you can choose such a dress, so you enjoy the charming temperament show!

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