Movie stars can also be very stylish down jacket

What is a cold winter down jacket more suitable than warm clothing it? The trend of ever-changing, and now there is no down jacket design sense to abandon the previous shortcomings, the election of the jacket can also wear a personality. Bright and warm down jacket and Western style, belt elements added to your slim waist with a full front, wearing a down jacket in winter, as you tender them. Here's a look at the big stars with how to interpret Variety Down it!

Rachel Bilson

Fashion Analysis: The long navy blue down jacket, color personality, style novel, yet both warm personality. With a red wool hat, bright and stylish.

 Renee Zellweger

Fashion Analysis: classic black, regardless of any time and place will not feel out of date, style common in long down jacket with black sportswear and sneakers, does not want to be the highlight of the street will not work.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion Analysis: short black down jacket, the sleeves and body characteristics is not the same kind of material, with tight-fitting jeans and a pair of riding boots, handsome.

Kylie Minogue

Fashion Analysis: cold winter, we always like to wear dark clothes, mistakes will never choose a black, black high boots, black jeans and black jacket neutral, so that you become the coolest street fashion people.

Emma Stone

Fashion Analysis: want to wear short skirts in the winter, beautiful leg, then prepare for themselves a stylish and warm down jacket it, with a pair of high boots exposing a length of legs, there is no lack of grace temperature.

Katherine Heigl

Fashion Analysis: White jacket, white scarf, white high boots and a white sweater, the cold winter this dress will give you a fresh feeling, filling the sweet feminine.

 Margaret Colin

Fashion Analysis: law-abiding, classic style down jacket, the temperament of older women is the best choice, it can also reflect the elegance yet another charming.

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