New Year's aristocratic temperament Tim clothes to wear out

New European and American street style street shooting star fine and attractive, highly textured black finish, the elegant simplicity of the fur coat, ladies temperament of various styles of dress, these elements are presented to our New Year new atmosphere. The influx of people can not be such a joyous New Year buried, those who have well-appearance with a new atmosphere onto the same connector.
 Fashion Analysis: long black sweater, with a black jacket, sexy, charming.

 Fashion Analysis: black sunglasses with a nude color sweater and high heels, very sweet and touching.

 Fashion Analysis: black leather with black retro dress, slender body show up.

 Fashion Analysis: She is a model of ladies, saying that is the reality version of Gossip Girl. Fur vest is a winter must have a single product, with fringed boots and tight pants, very nice.

Fashion Analysis: Long black skirt with a fur coat, showing sweet, innocent girl's side.

 Fashion Analysis: Short woolen with high boots, Western style and full of flavor.

 Fashion Analysis: two wearing black woolen jacket, so you can wear clothing with a new pattern in the New Year.

 Fashion Resolution: The fur coat is the best choice for a mature woman, can you show elegant and mature temperament.

Fashion Analysis: Long black fur with a black pencil pants, you can instantly transform ladies.

Fashion Analysis: fur with a light-colored dress, street with unique, captivating temperament with style.

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