Gucci 2012 spring and summer blockbusters, portrait by Li Bingbing interpretation! Extreme minimalist interpretation of the luxury model

Actress Li Bingbing will be featuring a special advertising of the new Gucci handbags, fine jewelry and watch blockbusters. The new season ads conceived by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini led the famous fashion photographer voioe - Sang Debo shot in London, shock interpretation of the extreme simplicity with a strong visual aesthetic perspective, the interpretation of the Gucci has always been a luxury model. Joke of the United States along with the inherent casual and uninhibited style and complement each other's optimism and talent, and its excellent temperament perfect for contemporary women presents a representative image of the Gucci girl.

Gucci's new season, large areas of glow in the continuation of the classic luxury of the brand new style spread in the world. Fine jewelry in 18K gold highlights the classic style of the classic Gucci bamboo and horse title logo. Gold, rose gold and platinum texture bracelet inlaid with diamonds, bamboo shape design can not help but pays homage to the masters of the Gucci process since 1947 masterpiece. At the same time, the the Maxian mark the evolution of soft and sexy 18K gold necklace and two Cocktail rings: medium color, smooth, warm cognac crystal mosaic, while the trumpet is inlaid with a dazzling amethyst.

Li Bingbing also portrait interpretation of three watches: the new Bamboo bamboo watch with natural bamboo and stainless steel materials; 1921 leather watch, Gucci, named Guccio Gucci founded the brand of the year, more memorable significance; and another Interlocking watch, rose gold double-G logo festooned with surface and with a brown alligator strap.

The new series will launch three bags: Jackie handbags, followed the former U.S. First Lady Jacqueline Kenndy favorite models and eventually to her in the name; Guccissima leather winter rose Emily handbags iconic Maxianshan buckle embellishment, filling the gentle, soft flavor; soft Stirrup handbags, Spurs shape buckle re-interpretation of an elegant retro tone.


David Yurman Introduces Advanced custom jewelry collection, elegant charm in it ...

Gorgeous color light and water! South Sea Pearl Diamond David Yurman launched a custom jewelry series, the elegant charm of them ... whether it is gorgeous and extraordinary lake blue tourmaline diamond necklace, the stunning Black Opal diamond four leaf earrings, or avant-garde Emerald necklace, crafted with colored garnet bracelet and diamond weave earrings precious stones of the moving beauty of the show with a new design point of view. Lake blue tourmaline diamond necklace David Yurman haute couture jewelry collection contains the brand's philosophy, rich contemporary and timeless aesthetic tradition of the classic guilloche, metal sculpture, shape and four blade elements gathered which, combined with the gems of the rich and gaudy colors and bold and innovative design make Exhibition designer fascination with the color and harness the skill of color.

Contains the philosophy of David Yurman brand, rich contemporary and timeless aesthetic tradition of the classic guilloche, metal sculpture, shape and four blade elements gathered which, combined with the rich and gaudy colors of precious stones and bold and innovative design David Yurman custom jewelry series was born. David Yurman Advanced custom jewelry collection jewelry designer reflects the fascination with color and color control skill Emerald and Color-Change Garnet Mosaic was Cuff with color garnet bracelet: 44-Ke weight 49.46 carats of Colombian emerald with 47.4 carat garnet America's the Jiaoren breath: titanium and silver backing, sawtooth pattern shape is also a classic David Yurman design elements, ironing the bracelet in radians per jewels Guanghua and clarity on its head.


Diane von Furstenberg 2012 summer bags

The women enjoy the Diane von Furstenberg will naturally appreciate her design stamp: colors of bright, passionate and romantic pattern exudes a unique charm of intellectual. If just printing enthusiasts, but also a more casual chic and even parity with DvF 2012 summer bags, you must not miss.