The simple luxury to create the perfect British royal wind! Temperley London 2013 early spring vacation series recorded LookBook

Luxurious fabrics and smooth personal tailoring superior Temperley London 2013 early spring vacation series Women, paved with diamonds, silver starfish belt embellishment, not only added some kind of witty sense, but also the whole body is clean the crowning touch of the design. There is no exaggeration, dazzling colors, turquoise green and sky blue for the noble dress series always gives the feeling of dignified and stable Less have signs, ornate embroidery and the exaggerated sequins elements,Temperley London early spring vacation series of 2013 women with luxurious high-end fabrics and simple elegant design to create a style more in line with the British royal family women.

Less favorable black cap with red, white and mixed colors one-piece dress with a minimalist black dresses, all people can not help but think of Kate Middleton on behalf of the British royal family Shuyuan have.

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